Welcome to My Studio

I Look Forward to Our Time Together

My studio awaits your arrival and as you enter, you will immediately feel the welcoming and warm environment that will surround you for the time that you are here.  Your comfort and safety are my key concern and all of my sessions are prepared in advance to ensure those are met.  After that, we just have fun.  You will be introduced to my assistant as well as the hair and makeup artist (if you have chosen to have that done).  While mom is being pampered there are wonderful areas in or around our home for you to relax in during the session.  There is the media room where the pre-consultation and reveal sessions take place.  You can put your feet up and watch your favorite program or just nap on the comfy couch.  There is also a gorgeous yard area out back of the house surrounded by greenery that will take you to far and away places while you wait.  

Be sure to browse through the information pamphlets that are on display at the front door.  You will also find some interesting reading that you might want to take a look at while you wait.

The vaulted ceiling of the studio allows me to be creative with studio lighting or the large window for use of natural light.  I am able to offer the best of both worlds.

I love to display products and props so be sure to snoop this area of the studio.

You will love the pampering experience of having your hair and makeup done.  All of my hair and makeup artists are professionally trained  and love making you feel like a princess.  I offer onsite hair and makeup or you can enjoy the experience at a Plano salon prior to your photo session with me. 

Milk bath sessions are my favorite and are so much fun.  Oh, and did I mention fragrant.